Business Law

administration agreement blur business We offer an endless array of individually tailored business law solutions to a variety of day to day challenges faced by contemporary Australian & Singaporean business.

  • DC Partners (Solutions) Pty Ltd – this is our Australian case management service provider. DCP Solutions manages cases so our clients can focus upon their core businesses.  
  • Business Asset Protection – this is our advisory business.  Business Asset Protection works with companies to manage risk and safeguard personal assets.  Our Advisory services include:
    • we deal with unmanageable debts for clients
    • we create tax debt solutions to save business for our clients
    • we provide restructuring solutions to protect person assets for clients and
    • other complex business matters.
  • DCP Litigation Holdings Pty Ltd – this company, our associate, works with clients to acquire their interest in various debts so the client can receive a quick outcome.  Alternatively, for our clients we can prosecute proceedings and pay a success fee.  

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Thanks, Mark Smith, Director

Mark Smith, Business Asset Protection
Mark Smith, Business Asset Protection