Past projects

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Business Asset Protection works with lenders, borrowers and others.  We understand and have gained amazing experience in the consulting works we’ve done and learnt from the pressures faced by parties in all kinds of cases.

Below (as at 13 January 2019) are links to our blog articles and case notes on some of our past and recent projects:

  • POE v HKJS Holdings – we have been working for a number of months with one of our clients on a loan enforcement matter.  We obtained a court judgment in the District Court of NSW, advised on the appointment of receivers and assisted in refinancing.  This matter continues as a current project with a different scope of enforcing the loan now that the refinancing that was put up has been further breached.
  • Deputy Commissioner of Taxation (i.e. the ATO) v GSFPA – this matter involved an alleged tax debt of sum $800,000+, a creditors statutory demand and Federal Court proceedings to set aside the demand.  We were ultimately successful in defeating the ATO based upon deficiencies in the method of service of the creditor’s statutory demand.  Such deficiencies are discussed generally in our blog – What to do when served?  A case note is available here.

If you have a business or legal matter such as a bad debt, or you owe money beyond your present means – we can offer financial advice.  We have helped and continue to help businesses and people facing potential financial difficulties.

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