people working at the office desk Our group is organised functionally.  The trading arm, under licence or otherwise, carries out the day to day trading operations for the group.
  • DC Partners (Solutions) Pty Ltd – day to day law and finance related and other trading operations in Australia.
  • DC Partners (Trading) Pte Ltd (Singapore) – not yet incorporated but the intended day to day trading arm of the law and finance related operations in Singapore and Asean region.
  • Snowgums Pantry (Asia) Pte Ltd (Singapore) – the Singapore based trading arm of the group, importing, distributing and trading within the Asean and other regions.
  • Snowgums Pantry – this division will speed up activities over the coming year in food and food exports.
  • Canobolas Brewing – a boutique brewery is planned for a small pocket of our Nashdale property, Snowgums Retreat.
  • – food projects planned for Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.
    • Coming soon
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