What are our advisory services

Mark Smith, founder

Mark Smith, our principal and key advisor, holds qualifications in both business and law.

Given this, together with his diverse wealth of experiences, in business and life, both in and outside of Australia, Business Asset Protection offers a suite of business law advisory related services across four core division:

  1. Structuring including tax advisory
  2. Pre-insolvency
  3. Insolvency
  4. Business excellence

Individual services include:

  • asset protection and business structuring
  • re-arranging unequal or problematic partnerships
  • managing collections of problem debts
  • arranging short or long-term finance
  • case management advice including arranging of representation
  • dispute resolutions
  • reviewing and reducing fixed costs
  • avoiding bankruptcy or corporate insolvency
  • structuring payment arrangements with creditors
  • reviewing book-keeping practices etc
  • completing forms
  • maximising government grants and more


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Thanks, Mark Smith, Director