What creditor negotiations support can you offer?

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people shaking hands Is your business behind in payments to creditors – for instance the landlord, the ATO, equipment finance or otherwise? Have you given a creditor your personal guarantee? Are your personal assets on the line – house, boat, car etc? Have you made a payment under some kind of duress that might be an unfair and voidable preference payment? Are you unsure what your options and lawful obligations as a company director are? If so, then we can help with free initial debt advice and a review of your overall financial position.  In addition, we provide free dispute resolution advice. Finally, we will help negotiate a workable arrangements with your secured and unsecured creditors to ensure you can keep your home and personal assets. If you are an SME, small business/company or sole trader then we offer free initial advice to clients in Australia and Singapore. take our free Business Health Check and receive bespoke, obligation free advice suited to your needs within minutes. Otherwise – click here to book a free appointment, call me anytime on 1300-327123 (till late), or click the chat tool – bottom right corner to instant chat now Thanks, Mark Smith, Director