Creditor negotiations

people shaking hands

Is your business behind in payments to creditors – for instance the landlord, the ATO, equipment finance or otherwise?

Have you given a creditor your personal guarantee?

Are your personal assets on the line – house, boat, car etc?  

Have you made a payment under some kind of duress that might be an unfair and voidable preference payment?

Are you unsure what your options and lawful obligations as a company director are?

If so, then we can help with free initial debt advice and a review of your overall financial position.  In addition, we provide free dispute resolution advice. 

Finally, we will help negotiate a workable arrangements with your secured and unsecured creditors to ensure you can keep your home and personal assets.

If you are an SME, small business/company or sole trader then we offer free initial advice to clients in Australia and Singapore.  

To find out more, call 1300 DCP123 or click here to book an appointment.