What is asset protection?

We analyse the risks to your personal and business assets (both) if they are involved in securing your business and advise what steps can be taken to ensure you have the optimal structures in place to protect those assets whilst growing your business.

Typical problems which can arise, and which we can protect assets include:

  • Court action or judgments.
  • Overdue accounts.
  • Refinancing personal and director loans.
  • Saving your house, cars, business equipment or inventory from repossession.

The above problems may arise when:

  • Business or personal partnerships fail and you’ve been left with liabilities.
  • Your business can’t pay its tax debt to the ATO.
  • Been refused credit or need to consolidate debts.
  • You’ve had a business fail or a large customer was slow or difficult in paying.
  • Received a legal notice and was unsure of what to do?

Do any of these sound like you?  Then make contact to schedule your complimentary appointment and review: